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Reading rocks with Hinkler!

We’ve all heard that reading is good for your brain. Reading can improve your conversational skills and problem solving by increasing your vocabulary and by helping you detect patterns. Books can inspire you and reduce stress by taking you to new worlds and letting you live there. It is important that children read from a young age so they have time to grow these important skills. Hinkller publish boxes of books filled with everything from nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty to classic fairy tales like Cinderella. My Big Box of Bonney Press Fairy Tales is one such product which is a great introduction to the magical world of fairy tales. It contains 5 Paperback books in a sturdy slip case, that is ready to be gifted or sit patiently on a shelf. Stock up on Hinkler Published books at Catch. 100% online with Australia wide delivery straight to your door.

Stimulating science experiment kits

Do you remember looking around as a child and thinking to yourself - how does all this stuff around me actually work? For most of us science was introduced to us through playing with magnets, balloons or lemons. Unlock the mysteries of the natural world with a Hinkler Cool Science Experiments Kit and Book w/ Slime Glue. This introduction to science includes a 112-page book containing 50+ experiments, along with other goodies like a magnifying glass and a light bulb. Perfect for any backyard scientist the Goozooka Galactic Slime Kit helps you create make home-made slime - sure to gross out anyone. Set your children up for scientific investigation with a Hinkler experiment kits. With Catch, shop from the comfort of home and save your hard earned money with delivery anywhere in Australia.

Perplexing puzzles and workbooks

There’s certainly more than one way to stimulate the brain with something from Hinkler. If science isn't their cup of tea, encourage their problem solving prowess with a range of puzzles and games - sure to occupy young minds for hours at a time. Games And Puzzles: An Activity Zone Workbook is one such educational title that is sure to keep the attention of even the most rowdy youth. Filled with dot-to-dots, mazes, games and word searches, this workbook acts as an important introduction to developing eye-hand coordination and problem solving skills. If jigsaws puzzles are more their thing, Hinkler has everyone covered with 100pc Unicorn Kingdom or Dinosaur Island puzzles. For something more puzzling you could even test them with the 500pc World Map or the 1000pc Springtime Tulips! What isn’t puzzling is shopping at Catch. With Screamin’ Good Deals storewide it's so easy to get a great deal and have your items shipped right to your door.