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Pet Goods Galore! iPet has landed at Catch

Do you have a little (or not so little) cutie at home that you absolutely adore? Well if that cutie is a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or bird, iPet might just be a brand worth checking out! iPet goods are now available here, at prices you won’t believe. It’s never been more affordable to treat your pet to entertainment, luxury and convenience! It’s not often that cat people and dog people share the same opinions, but there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on...and that’s the quality of iPet goods. If you got a kitty at home, there’s simply no going past the 141cm Medium Cat Tree. This beauty combines scratching, perching, chasing, climbing and just plain fun all in one piece. The multiple platforms allow your cats to jump around, while the plush carpeted surface provides extra comfort. On the other end of the spectrum you’ve got the iPet Deluxe Faux Suede Cushion for doggies. Featuring a soft cotton filling, anti-skit base and tough stitching for long term usage, this thing is a must-have for those with dogs that aren’t super gentle with their beds (which is pretty much all dogs…) For the birds and rabbits, iPet has got the goods as well! So why not browse our online pet warehouse at Catch and save today?

iPet for your pet - Sale on Now!

Owning a pet is one way to bring an immense amount of joy to your life. They make sure you’re never lonely, lower your stress levels, can help you make friends and make you feel safe. We’re sure you could write a long list of what makes your pets happy! So why not bless your pet with something to make them feel even more loved? We took you through a couple of cat and dog iPet products, so let’s move onto some others (cat and dog owners, feel free to start browsing now)! The iPet Bird Cage is definitely the most comfortable roost for your fine-feathered friends. Made of sturdy high-quality fir wood frame with mesh wire, you can be assured of its durability. There are two large doors for easy entry and exit to the cage, and three perches and one ladder for your birds to rest and play on. Or how about the 88cm Rabbit Cage? A perfect home for your beloved bunnies, and perhaps even guinea piggies, chinchillas and other small furry friends, this iPet cage has plenty of room to play and nap. With delivery straight to your door, it’s a no brainer! Explore the iPet sale at Catch and snap up some goodies for your pet.