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Ingenuity - Safe, No-Fuss & High Quality Baby Products

Ingenuity is the best choice for every parent. With a wide collection of baby swings to baby high chairs, parents can trust Ingenuity for safe, reliable & quality baby products. As parents, we know that ensuring your baby’s health, safety and wellbeing is at the top of the checklist when shopping for your baby registry. That’s why we recommend Ingenuity as the go-to for delivering functional, safe baby products without compromising on quality - there’s nothing more important than raising our little ones in the best way possible. We love Ingenuity for their intuitive, forward-thinking baby products designed to make everyday life a little easier for all Aussie mums and dads - and we know you’ll love it just as much as we do. At our online SALE, you can find a huge range of Ingenuity baby products at the lowest prices, so you can shop the best for your baby without breaking the bank! From baby seats to baby bouncers and bassinets to adorable loveys, find everything you need at the lowest prices, right here at Catch! We’re proud to offer great, unbeatable deals for the highest quality products so all families can have access to the best baby products for their little ones.

Ingenuity Baby Swings, Seats, Bouncers, High Chairs & More - On SALE Now!

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to parenting. Find the right baby gear for you and your little one at our exclusive online SALE - where you can shop Ingenuity baby swings, baby seats, bouncers & heaps more at the lowest prices! Did you know that baby swings come with a great number of benefits for you and your baby? They’re a fantastic way to encourage mental development as your little munchkin learns about how gravity functions as they gently swing about, they mimic the womb to help your baby get used to the world outside of mummy’s tummy, and they can also rock your baby to sleep for a quick nap! Ingenuity baby swings are especially a game changer for busy parents and curious bubs. Ingenuity baby swings ensure your baby is safe, sound and entertained while you multitask at home. It’s easy to keep an eye on your baby without having to hold him or her as they sit in our favourite Ingenuity baby swing, SmartBounce Automatic Bouncer! This premium Ingenuity baby swing provides 30 minutes of continuous hands-free bouncing, with 2 soothing bounce speeds that mimic mum’s natural motion. Featuring a plush seat for cushioned comfort, an adjustable 3-point harness for a snug and secure fit, a removable cushion for head support, and a plush toy bar with fun hanging toys for extra entertainment, this Ingenuity baby swing is the ultimate way to keep your baby happy as you quickly complete your parental duties. Cook dinner, get some work done, or simply relax after holding your child all day long with a must-have Ingenuity baby swing! If you prefer Ingenuity bouncers, then the Ingenuity InLighten Bouncer is the one for you! Designed to entertain your bub through comforting touch, sound and light, this Ingenuity bouncer will help soothe your baby and also give mummy and daddy some time to wind down too. It features a deep cradling seat that features an adorable bunny hug, and a canopy toy bar with soothing twinkling light, calming melodies, nature sounds, and vibrations. In a word, WOW! We guarantee you and your baby will absolutely love having this Ingenuity bouncer! Discover the best baby gear from Ingenuity all in one place, right here at Catch! Shop quality baby products at the lowest prices - parenthood can be difficult, so it shouldn’t have to be expensive too! Shop Ingenuity baby products on SALE today and make happier, safer memories with your child.

Shop with Ingenuity Because You & Your Baby Deserve the Best

Our little munchkins grow up faster than we know it - one day they’re as small as our hands and then the next, they’re able to eat all by themselves! Ingenuity baby seats are the perfect thing that grows with your baby from infant to toddler! Ingenuity baby seats, such as the Baby Base 2-in-1, helps your little one join the family at the dinner table - featuring a 3-point harness to keep your bub out of harm’s way, and an additional safety strap to secure the seat to a dining chair. You’ll love watching your bub grow into their Ingenuity baby seat - it’s the perfect measure of time AND baby booster seat you can find! Shop Ingenuity baby products at our exclusive SALE for the best baby gear online - explore a range of baby swings, baby seats, bouncer & heaps more at super affordable prices.