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Interdesign Lighted Vanity Mirror
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Interdesign Arlo Double Shelf
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Interdesign Arlo Bar Cart
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Interdesign Arlo Storage System
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Interdesign Arlo Folding Rack
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Interdesign For All Your Interior Design Needs!

There aren’t a whole lot of brands that can compete with Interdesign when it comes to versatile and functional home goods. Interdesign have useful products for almost any room in the house - from the room where the culinary magic happens, to the room where teeth are cleaned after that culinary magic is consumed. The best part about shopping for Indesign at Catch is, you can grab a whole bunch of goodies without busting the bank! Gone are the days where you need to spend your precious weekend tiring your feet, walking around homeware stores. Go grab a cuppa, sit back on your couch and simply browse through the Indesign range at Catch. Every now and then, we all love to splash some cash and buy extravagant things. But it’s the simple and practical things in life that make everyday a little easier. That’s what Indesign strives to provide. Simple, practical, affordable goods. Come check out the Indesign sale today and see what you’ve been missing out on!

All For Your Humble Abode

Keeping everything tidy and organised has never been easier with Interdesign. Let us take you through some of our absolute favourites, starting with some bathroom essentials. The Aspen Toothbrush Holder is an aesthetically pleasing way to hold up to 4 toothbrushes, with its black ceramic upper and silver stainless steel base. You can also go for the Sutton Toothbrush Holder - a more classic-style design in a Rose Gold finish. Interdesign are all about consistency as well; you can get your hands on a Rose Gold soap dish and tumbler! With other amazing goods like razor holders, a shower caddy and fog free mirrors, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s up for grabs. The folks at Interdesign have also mastered the fridge, or as we like to call it ‘the door to heaven’. Interdesign Fridge Binz are hot-sellers, and no wonder why. You can stack these bad boys or sit them side by side to separate and store foods. Their completely transparent design makes it that much easier for when you’re in a hurry to cook up a curry, or extremely ravenous and need a fix of food. Now’s your chance to save big on all your home needs!

Interdesign On Sale Now!

Some of the best purchases are the products you use every day. And there’s no doubt that Interdesign have a whole range of goods that you’ll find yourself using very frequently without even realising! This humble brand isn’t about being flashy, it’s not about heavy branding and loud designs. It’s about minimalistic functionality. So if you’re all about keeping things nice and simple but want your homeware to stand the test of time, it might be worth exploring the range! Once you’re happy with your cart, we’ll deliver everything straight to your door. Welcome to Catch - the home of Screamin’ Good Deals!