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iStyle beds and bedroom furniture on Sale now!

Finding a new bed can be an absolute pain in the back! There are numerous factors that must be taken into account. What size? Do you want a stylish leather look or a classic, timeless wooden aesthetic? Which colour will compliment your existing decor the best? All of these factors to take into consideration before you even assess the price! Sleep is sacred and the practice of getting a good night’s rest should be taken with utmost care. Inadequate sleep is known to affect job performance as well as attendance and in serious cases can have severely negative consequences on our overall health and quality of life. Luckily Catch has you covered with iStyle beds and bedroom furniture! Not only are the bed frames and mattresses exceptionally stylish and incredibly durable, they’re also amazingly affordable! Meaning that there will be an iStyle bed frame, mattress or sofa to suit any taste or budget! The only way to set yourself up for success everyday is to ensure you’re getting the best possible quality of sleep every night. Whether you and sleep are a match made in heaven or maybe you’re a bit of an insomniac and really want to improve your relationship with bedtime, you can now do so in both the highest quality comfort as well as style. Choose from a massive variety of bed frames coming in a wide range of colours and styles! We’ve taken all of the stress out of buying a new bed, no longer will you have to take hours out your day hanging around a department store, getting schmoozed by a mattress salesman who’s just a little too keen to upsell you on upgrades you don’t really want or need… Catch has you covered with iStyle beds on sale and ready to be delivered straight to your door!

High quality beds for every taste and budget!

Buying designer bedding and bedroom furniture should be something that everyone can afford. The nurse who works crazy 70 hour work weeks and the CEO at the top of their game both deserve to sleep in the highest quality style and comfort. It is the iStyle brand’s mission to make this a reality for all Aussies. Based in Melbourne, iStyle furniture endeavours to deliver beautiful and quality designer furniture at famously affordable prices. iStyle’s mission is provide the highest possible value for money to the Aussie consumer, in fact, this is an uncompromising priority for the brand. From amazingly cheap flat-pack and easily-assembled bed frames and bed heads, to genuinely great value sofas, loungers and rockers. The company’s online commitment keeps costs super low meaning that all of your hard earned cash is buying the maximum amount of value achievable! As competition in the bedding and furniture space heats up, the brand has made certain to provide a rotating and updated selection of superb bed heads, metal and wooden frames, from singles all the way up to kings all of which are flat-packed to keep costs at a minimum so the savings can be passed on directly to the consumer. This is how iStyle ensures to keep its rightful place amongst the top names in elegant and affordable bedding products. Grab an unbeatable deal on a brand new bed frame, mattress or sofa from iStyle and never get tired of sleeping again at Catch!