Facial Tissues by Kleenex - Keeping your nose soft when you need it most!

Anyone who’s ever had to rely on tissues when being sick will tell you not all of them are as soft as they look. With Kleenex Aloe Vera you’re promised to treat your nose with the softness it deserves and when it needs it most. Heighten with beautiful rich and soothing aloe vera and three-ply softness, these tissues are like a gentle hand from above. Forget about having a red nose during hayfever season, Kleenex Facial Tissues has your nose covered! Grab your Kleenex products from Australia’s #1 online megastore - Catch!

Kleenex Tissue Paper - The best for when nature calls.

Kleenex are known for having the softest touch when you need it most. Kleenex don’t only keep your nose covered but much more for when nature calls. Kleenex Complete Clean Toilet Tissues are made with unique with a CleanRipple texture that is super strong & absorbent while still being soft, you’ll truly wonder how you ever went without. Kleenex is Hypoallergenic & biodegradable which means that it’s good for you and the environment and continues to give you a perfect clean. Jump online today and grab your Kleenex products from us here at Catch!