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Kobo offers some of the best Ereaders at amazing prices. Established in 2009 to bring the world into a new age of digital reading, Kobo now offers access to over 4 million ebooks to over 16 million users, spanning 190 countries across the globe. Kobo Ereaders let you take an entire library with you, no matter where you go. Read on the go and lounge around with your favourite novels on the weekend with the super sleek Kobo AURA One ComfortLight PRO - now available at Catch at an amazing price. With a large super clear screen and lightweight feel, you can make your reading experience even better and get fully immersed into your favourite books. Check out a huge range of Ereaders and tablets right here at Catch!

Kobo ebook readers are made for next-level reading

Gone are the days when you’d have to drag your books everywhere. Now you can read an entire library full of books no matter where you are. But wait - aren’t screens bad for my eyes? Wouldn’t an actual book be better for my eyesight? Well, Kobo’s ComfortLight PRO Ereader now features reduced blue-light emission, making for digital reading that won’t strain your eyes (and even lets you read at night time without straining). A Kobo Ereader is really a no-brainer for all book lovers. Grab yours today right here at Australia’s favourite place to shop online. Welcome to Catch!