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Lenny & Larry’s: Sweet treats for a healthier you

Lenny & Larry’s is an absolute favourite for health conscious foodies and gym fanatics everywhere. Create in 1993 by two gym junkies, Lenny & Larry’s cooks up the most delicious protein snacks with a unique twist. Baked to perfection with nothing but the finest ingredients and packed with muscle-building protein, Lenny & Larry’s products are the fitness fanatic’s go-to protein snack and make the perfect wholesome snack for anyone and everyone. Check out all your favourite fitness supplement brands, protein powders, protein snacks and everything you need to fuel your workouts, right here at Catch!

The Complete Cookie is here!

If you’re bored of the same old protein shakes, bland chicken breasts and boring protein sources that never change, you’ve come to the right place. Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie is a delicious protein-packed alternative to the basic protein shake. Now in a mammoth 12-pack and in classic chocolate chip cookie flavour, this cookie is no joke. Fuel your workouts and kick those unhealthy cravings to the curb with Lenny & Larry’s!

Welcome to the home of fitness!

Whether it’s a new set of activewear, your go-to supplement stack or a brand new set of weights, Catch is the place to be if you’re building a new and improved you. Check out Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie packs and stock up your pantry with some delicious protein snacks. With Catch, it’s never been easier to reach new goals and do it in a way that’s delicious and nutritious!

What are you waiting for?

Isn’t it about time you reached your fitness goals? If you’re sick of the fad diets, boring routines and ‘jazzercise’ nonsense, check out a world of fitness and wellbeing products at Catch today and you can save big.