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Get your car roaring like a Lion!

When you’re dealing with intricate (and often critical) car parts such as Oil filters, Battery terminals and jumper cables, premium quality, durability and reliability aren’t just “nice to haves” they’re a must! Luckily Catch has you covered with the massive range of Lion “quality products”. When it comes to Lion’s car maintenance tools and parts, durable, reliable and safe are the standard and innovative designs and improvements to the user experience come after. With the sheer number of third party brands out there it’s difficult to navigate exactly who is going to provide the quality you need at a price that won’t break the bank. Lion products simply ‘feel good’ to use. A Lion multi-wrench feels heavy in the hand, the utility knife blades glide through what you’re cutting and the insulation on the jumper leads feel safe and strong. There’s no need to pay more for sub-par quality car electronics and tools that might even be unsafe to use or fail after only after a few uses. Grab an unbeatable deal on the massive range of Lion quality products! Get exactly what you need and get it delivered straight to your door at Catch!

Buy from a proudly Australian owned company!

Founded in 1980 by Peter Reinders and his wife Sandra, the company started as a humble market stall. Due to aggressive marketing strategy and development of new innovative products, Lion has seen extraordinary levels of growth and expansion. Through their experience Lion has found that cheap is not always best. The brand goes to great lengths to source the best quality product at the most competitive prices. Lion only buys from factories that have the necessary technology to deliver guarantees. One of those guarantees is that products meet Australian standards, no excuses. Stock Up your toolbox, vehicle or garden shed with Australian owned electronics, tools and hardware! Shop online and save across the massive range of durable and hard working Lion quality products! Why waste time circling the shop aisles and trying to get a hold of a store clerk when instead, you could shop online and get exactly what you need delivered straight to your door. Enjoy the savings at Catch!