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Love To Dream: Sweet dreams for little ones since 2008

Created to better the lives of young children and parents everywhere, Love To Dream enables little ones to sleep better with proven methods and quality products, tailored to improve the lives of both mother and child. Mothers everywhere love the Love to Dream Sleep System, letting babies sleep better and mothers rest easy in the early years, when constant care is most needed.

For better sleep throughout the years

Newborns up to 4 months old benefit from the unique arms-up design of the Swaddle Up, letting them calm down faster, stay relaxed for longer and get a better quality sleep. From 4 to 8 months, you can easily transition to the 50/50 design that gives the same comforting effect, but gently starts introducing your child to greater freedom of movement. From 4-36 months, the Sleep Suit and Sleep Bag provide full range of movement to encourage independent sleep and provides exceptional temperature control with increased airflow and full body cover.

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Give your little ones a good night’s sleep this season

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