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Kids who love reading stories, this one's for you. Once upon a time, Forrest Mars met Bruce Murie and both of them began to cook the first batch of coated chocolate candies under a new company known as Mars & Murrie, M&M for short! Yes your beloved M&M buttons have been hanging around for a long time now because of these candy lovers who revolutionised the 1940’s with their mouth-watering milk chocolates that broke all records in no time! Wanna know some super amazing M&M’s trivia? In 1981, M&M’s were launched into orbit with the Columbia space shuttle, becoming the first candy in space! Alright, now that we know our beloved chocolate’s history how about stocking them up in our pantry? Are you game? Yes, then what are you waiting for? Buy m&ms online at Catch for a lot less! Go hurry!

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Since the time M&M’s have become ‘The official candy of the new millennia’, you can practically see everyone carrying a packet or two in their bags. It’s like a staple of candy lover’s diet. Be it for your friend who loves milk chocolates or your niece who has been demanding chocolate gifts for ages, M&M’s will surely bring a big smile to their faces. Now that Catch has M&M’s on sale, stock up on as many as you want for all your loved ones and while doing so, pop few choco buttons yourself!

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M&M’s is not just another brand, their huge store on the Times Square is more like a tourist attraction! The store has millions of colourful and tasty candies on display for customers to cherish. Even the M&M goodies are world-famous, especially the super cute yellow and red big face characters! From customised tees to fancy candy jars, everyone loves wearing and using M&M’s. Now enough with all the thinking, buy all M&M essentials online - right here at Catch!