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Mbeat: Stay charged!

Mbeat offers a massive range of tech gadgets that help you stay charged all day long. Mbeat’s awesome charging stations and charger cables are top of the line, letting you get things done without running out of juice. Not just that, Mbeat also makes some wicked retro turntables with direct USB recording functionality. Whatever you’re after, Mbeat’s wide range of tech gear is a guaranteed favourite. Check out Mbeat tech products on sale right now at Catch!

Charge up to 7 things at once!

The Mbeat 7-Port USB 3.0 Aluminium Slim Hub is the perfect charger for the office. With 7 USB ports on one super slick slimline dock, this is the ideal piece of tech for when you need everyone up and ready to go, at all times. Keep the whole team charged and ready for action with this super practical (and stylish) USB hub! For super fast charging, the Mbeat 2m Aluminium Nylon Lightning Cable is your best bet. This cable is made for iPods, iPhones and iPads alike, with a practical 2 meter length and crush-proof aluminium design.

Stay powered up on the go

The Mbeat QuickBoost Type-C Dual Port Car Charger is the best way to stay charged when travelling. Whether you’re shooting off to a business meeting or going off-road on the weekend, this charger is the perfect gadget to keep your phone and other gadgets fully charged. Charging Type-C devices up to 75% faster than a standard charger, this car charger is as powerful as it is practical.

Stay switched on with Mbeat - right here at Catch!

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