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Mentos Mint SALE on Catch

First produced in the Netherlands, Mentos began its exports to France, Germany and UK in 1950. These pre-packaged scotch mints are made with a firm exterior with a soft, tasty interior. Created by two brothers, Mentos came to life when they were on a train journey to Poland. In the past decades, many different flavours of Mentos have been introduced. Add a variety of them to your cart today!

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Choose from a range of Mentos gum flavours - whether it’s fresh mint, spearmint or strawberry - Mentos freshness is a must-have at home, in the car, in your pockets - just about anywhere! Add your favourite gum to your cart only for a couple dollars. Order online on Catch and get it delivered at your doorstep. Simple!

Mentos Fruit Chews | 100% online delivery

Enjoy the delicious Mentos chewy that comes in your favourite flavours like strawberry, orange and lemon. Individually wrapped candies, these are a favourite among kids, teens, adults and oldies too! These chews are also popular in grape flavour - it’s not a surprise, Mentos has a flavour for everyone! Buy today on Catch.

Mentos - Add freshness to your life today

Incredibly easy to get your hands on, shop for Mentos in different flavours on Catch. Be it candy, chews, mints or gum, Mentos is your go-to product for that extra dose of freshness to get you going.