Omega Altise

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Shop Omega Altise air conditioners and fans on sale today!

Powerful, portable and proudly designed, Omega Altise’s range of sleek, slimine air conditioning units are here to help you take total temperature control this summer. There’s no point in buying expensive sofas if your home isn’t at a comfortable temperature. Omega Altise air conditioners allow you to breeze through hot summer days with ease, without the bulky profile or professional installation! Shop Omega Altise online today

Take total control of your temperature - shop the Omega Altise sale with Catch!

As well as powerful yet portable air conditioners, Omega Altise sell a range of fans, from floor units to desk solutions, designed to keep you cool without taking up too much space. From compact office fans to keep you cool while you work, to tall and towering fans that provide powerful cooling to an entire room, Omega Altise have everything you need to take control. Shop our Omega Altise fan sale today and find the perfect fan for you!

Shop powerful Omega Altise heaters and ward off winter!

Omega wants to bring supreme comfort to every home in Australia across the seasons. As well as a comprehensive range of air conditioners and coolers, they provide powerful ceramic and convector heaters that keep things nice and toaster during the cooler months. Compact and stylish, these are designed to warm an entire room without the bulky footprint. Check out Omega Altise heaters today!

Temperature control fo every occasion! Shop heaters and fans online!

Whether you want to stay cool or turn up the heat, Catch has the Omega Altise products to give you total control of your home and office. You won’t be able to beat these prices, so check out our range today!