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Palermo luxury leather Bed heads, Recliners Lounges and Bed Frames On Sale!

Buying a new Mattress is an absolute pain in the back (and usually a pain in the bank too) the stress from choosing between spring, coil or memory foam and the possible dent a new mattress can put in your bank account is enough to make you lose sleep even before you’ve bought one! Luckily Palermo mattresses are made to save you both time and money! Combining the three vital factors that make a great mattress, technology, comfort and value, Palermo quite literally engineers a great night’s sleep with their products! These beds come in singles all the way up to queen sizes in a variety of materials and designs! Save money, save time and get the kind of sleep you’ve only dreamed of! But what’s a great mattress without an equally stylish and elegant bed frame? Deluxe PU Leather bed frames are available in all sizes and a variety of colours to match any room. These frames instantly add elegance and luxury to any space whilst blending easily with all of your existing decor. Made from exceptionally sturdy wood, the support slats provide a rock-solid foundation for your mattress ensuring you’ll always get the most restful nights sleep. Comfort, style and most importantly, many rejuvenating and restful nights await with Palermo mattresses, bed frames and more at unbeatable prices, delivered straight to your door at Catch!

Exclusive designs without the exclusive price tags

Have you always wanted a decent massage chair but you’re put off by the exorbitant prices for the top brands? Look no further, Palermo produces a luxurious PU Leather Massage Chair for a ridiculously affordable price! The deluxe massage chair is spacious and infinitely comfy, featuring eight separate vibration motors and an included foot rest, you’re sure to enjoy unmatched comfort at a price you’ll love. Likewise there are also massive savings to be had across a huge range of Palermo’s minimalist and elegant bedheads and headboards that blend seamlessly with your home whilst also instantly adding a touch of class and luxury to the space. Whether you’re in need of a brand new bed frame, luxuriously comfy mattress or you just want to treat yourself to some much needed therapy in your new massage chair, shop online and save with unbeatable prices on all Palermo bedding and home decor, delivered straight to your door at Catch!