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Palmer's Shea Raw Shea Balm 100g
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Palmer's Purifying Enzyme Mask 120g
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Palmer's Calming Cream Cleanser 150g
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Palmer's: The all natural skin care range

Palmer's Cocoa Butter first hit the shelves in 1997, putting up the fight against premature ageing. Palmer's is now available in over 80 countries and is committed to supporting ethical practices in developing its products. Palmer's have joined the World Cocoa Foundation and the Global Shea Alliance which provides support to farmers and their families around the world and does not conduct product tests on animals.

The product that keeps its promise

Palmer's Contains 100% Pure cocoa which has been a core ingredient for over 40 years. It is hailed as the natural super beauty ingredient due to its healing properties and capability in retaining moisture in the skin for longer. Palmer's products contain an abundance of powerful ingredients such as Vitamins A, C, E plus many more naturals minerals. Let Palmer's help you fight against premature ageing, and keep your skin feeling and looking healthy.

Your feel good skin awaits

You deserve to feel good in your skin and Palmer's is here to help. Palmer's Cocoa Butter will moisturise, heal and keep your skin smooth, whilst protecting the skin from harm. Don't wait, purchase Palmer's online now!

Purchase Palmer's online now!

Purchase all natural Palmer's products now on Catch! Let's take on the fight of premature ageing together.