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Panache Australia is a brand all families need to have. Shop and SAVE! now.

Panache Australia have a great catalog of cleaning products and accessories. Ranging from their Panache Magic Pro Foam to their Panache mop bucket with spin action, it makes cleaning so much easier. The Panache mop bucket is great for easy storage with its collapse and stack feature, as well as it’s trick of separating the dirty and clean water in your mop bucket. Great for tile floors, wooden floors, marble floors and more, Panache really is the smarter cleaning system. Shop and save today with our cleaning products online!

The Panache Spray Mop - grab yours before they’re gone!

With its microfiber pad that traps dirt and grime, the Panache Spray Mop is a great addition to any household. If you’re after a fast but effective clean without grabbing the old mop and bucket out then look no further, Panache has you covered. Suitable for all types of flooring, you just can’t go wrong with a machine that traps up to 7 times its own weight. Just add water and squeeze the trigger. Shop with us today and save on your own Panache products!