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The best screen protectors by Patchworks

Protecting your delicate screens on your everyday devices is an absolute no-brainer. Patchworks offers some of the best tempered glass screen protectors for cameras, iPads and so much more. Decrease the risk of cracks and splinters on your screens with these super practical and easy to apply screen protectors - the next time you accidentally drop your camera, you’ll be glad you did!

Iphone covers, cases & more...

The Patchworks ITG PRO Plus Tempered Glass for iPad Mini gives you that peace of mind you want. Made from real tempered glass, you can install this beauty super easily and without any annoying bubbles on your screen. With Original Touch Feeling and a round beveled edge, you’ll use your device even more comfortably than ever while ensuring you’re not damaging your screen in any way. It’s so much easier to grab a tempered glass screen protector than have to fix your broken screen! Check out Patchworks screen protectors and the best phone cases that are as durable as ever. It’s all right here at Catch!