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Purina Petlife: Because your bestie deserves the best!

Petlife is made to give your pets the best care possible and give proud pet owners everywhere the peace of mind they need, knowing they’re taking care of their furry friends in the right way. From odour resistant mattresses and outdoor patio beds to bathing and grooming products to keep your pets healthy, Petlife is every pet owner’s dream. Quality-tested and loved by dog and cat owners everywhere, Petlife pet supplies and grooming products are the best your pet can get. Check out a world of pet supplies at Catch and you can save big. Grab your go-to pet supplies and find all your favourite brands for less, right here at Australia’s favourite online superstore!

Healthy coats and super fine fur

Petlife grooming products give you the means to trim, clean and freshen up your pet's’ coat and ensure they’re the healthiest they can be. Comb away fleas, remove knots and keep their coats shiny and healthy with a series of coat combs, rakes and deodorising shampoos made to strengthen fur and keep skin healthy. The Professional Styling Scissors let you trim those tricky parts of long-haired pooches, especially around the face and eyes. Whatever their breed and however long, short, curly or straight their fur, these grooming products are made to get the job done and keep your furry pals looking and feeling their best.

Play Systems: The interactive treat dispenser for cats

The Petlife Play Systems Pyramid Treat Dispenser for Cats is an absolute must-have for cat lovers everywhere. This accessory keeps your cat mentally stimulated for hours and hours. Just put some treats in the center and let your cat push and play with the dispenser to get the treats out with a little bit of trial and error. A super stimulating activity for your cat, this treat dispenser is perfect to keep your pets engaged while you’re away.

Why wait? Explore Catch today and save big!

With all your go-to pet supplies and pet care essentials under one roof, you can stop searching and start saving today. Check out a wide range of pet supplies, the Play Systems Pyramid Treat Dispenser and so much more, right here at Australia’s favourite online superstore.