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Pioneer Electronics: Australia’s audio & headphone powerhouse

Pioneer allows you to enjoy superior digital sound wherever your adventures take you. Specialising in home and car entertainment, DJ equipment, headphones, speaker systems and more, the Pioneer range combines sleek, feature-packed design with reliable performance to please even the most discerning of tech enthusiasts. Whether you’re after a pair of over ear headphones, earphones, an audio system or anything in between, you’ll find it right here at Catch! Check out Pioneer Electronics on SALE right now at Catch!

The best earphones & headphones that won’t break the bank

The Pioneer SE-E511 Stereo Earphones are the perfect pair to wear while you’re on the go and even while you’re exercising. These compact earphones feature hooks that loop onto your ear, so you won’t drop them mid-run and ruin your workout. Check out these beauties right here at Catch!

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