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PowerTrain online SALE on Catch

If you’re looking to set up a home gym at a low cost, PowerTrain has a wide variety of gym equipment that will have your home gym set up at an affordable price. Here at Catch, we have a variety of PowerTrain gym equipment. From yoga mats, to a multi-station home gym with a punching bag and more - ideal for a full home gym that won’t set you back on cash.

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The PowerTrain gym equipment range offers more than just weights and yoga mats... They have a range of home gym equipment such as a multi-station home gym, workout bench press, chin-up pull-up tower and more - all here at Catch, at an affordable price. The multi station home Gym is a Catch favourite. With this all-in-one station, you can do a full body workout - and it even comes with a punching bag.

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The PowerTrain home gym workout Bench press is one of our favourites here at Catch. If you’re looking for a low-cost home gym that gives you a great upper and lower body workout, then the PowerTrain home gym bench press is your best bet. This bench press allows you to switch down to a low weight on any of the stations and perform large numbers of reps to build cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

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