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2 x Radox Shower Gel Cocoa 400mL
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Feel the awesome refreshment of pink grapefruit and basil - now featured in the Radox Feel Uplifted Shower Gel. This beautifully fragrant shower favourite now comes in a whopping 4 pack for less, so you don’t have to run out anytime soon. Radox products are made to keep your skin feeling great and give you that extra bit of freshness in your everyday. There’s nothing like unwinding after a long day with a hot shower or bath - Radox makes that experience even better with some of the most amazingly fragrant shower gels and bath salts money can buy. Check ‘em out now at Catch!

Radox bath salts soothe like never before

The perfect addition to bath time, Radox Muscle Soak herbal bath salts are made for ultimate relaxation. Blended with Thyme and helping to ease muscular aches and pains, this bath favourite is great for those looking for a whole new way to relax at home. Whether it’s after a hectic day at the office or a long workout, a hot bath is just the ticket to loosen up your body and recover that much better. Say yes to the most soothing bath you’ve ever had with Radox Muscle Soak herbal bath salts! Check out a wide range of Radox home and bathroom products on SALE right here at Catch!