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Reading Eggs: A fun, interactive and rewarding program for kids

Do you want to give your child the best literary start in life? Look no further than ABC Reading Eggs! A trusted reading program for kids aged 3-13, ABC Reading Eggs makes learning to read fun, interactive and rewarding for little ones. Not convinced? The multi-award winning resource is recommended by more than 10 million parents worldwide! Check out ABC Reading Eggs on Catch of the Day today and give your child the best tools they need to learn to read for less!

Created by school teachers, writers and developers

Formulated by an experienced team of writers, primary school teachers and developers, ABC Reading Eggs for kids is based on scientific research to give your child the best opportunity for reading success. The program combines book sets with reading games online for a well-rounded and interactive learn to read experience. Packed with fun games, colourful animation, characters, songs and shiny golden egg rewards, children are constantly motivated to continue learning and exploring.

Master the five essential keys to reading success

ABC Reading Eggs bases its programs on the ‘five essential keys to reading success’. These include phonemic awareness and phonics, sight words, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. Before your child begins the Reading Eggs program, they can complete a placement quiz to ensure they’re starting out at the appropriate level. They can then begin to work their way through a series of animated online lessons, read books online, earn rewards and complete quizzes. Reading books and book packs help to reinforce these lessons. Parents, you can also download progress reports to keep track of your child’s learning!

Help your child learn to read with Reading Eggs!

Thanks to Reading Eggs, learning to read has never been more rewarding! If you’re looking for the best tools to help your child learn to read, ABC Reading Eggs are hard to beat. Check out Reading Eggs on Catch today!