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Sherrin Pop Up Handball Target
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The Sherrin. Has there ever been a more iconic brand in Aussie Rules Football? Founded in 1880 by Thomas William Sherrin who revolutionised the sport by adapting the rugby balls used by the football players of old to the new rounded shape we know and love today. T.W Sherrin cared about every ball that left his factory and that custom remains true to this day with every ball used for AFL matches still handcrafted, from the top grade Australian leather to the hand-stitching. There's no doubting that the Sherrin is as iconic as Aussie Rules itself.

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The pill, pigskin, footy, no matter what you call it you can guarantee that Sherrin will be printed on the side. There's a reason the AFL's been using Sherrins for over a century. Sherrin football's have always been at the forefront of footy technology while still staying true to their roots. in 1971 they produced the first ever yellow leather football designed spefically to help assist visibility during night games.

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