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Shopkins: A world of wonder

The world of shopkins is wonderfully colourful and super fun! Step into the most vibrant environments and explore the Shopkins world with lots of new playmates like Lippy Lulu, Popette and so many more. You can explore the homes of your favourite characters and animate them as they go about their daily business, creating their stories as you go.

Partner your new pals with Petkins!

Petkins are the Shopkin world’s adorable little pets. Your favourite characters can care for them and play with them in their unique environments all day long. The Happy Home Playset includes not just your new best friend Popette, but a host of large and small Petkins to keep her company. These exclusive Puppy Parlour Petkins come in a whacky variety of shapes, sizes and colours that make any space into a happy place.

Get crafty with amazing drawings and more

The Shopkins Sketch Surprise book is just the thing to give your kids the artistic burst they need. The Crayola Shopkins Inspiration Art Case is the perfect gift for budding Picassos and young illustrators. With 140 pieces in a huge variety of colours and utensils and a series of colourable Shopkins graphics and characters, this art pack is an incredible way to engage your kids in some wholesome creative fun from ages 3 years and beyond.

Dive into the world of Shopkins at Catch!

What are you waiting for? Grab your favourite Shopkins characters, accessories and so much more at prices you won’t find elsewhere. Check out a massive range of kid’s toys and much more, all under one roof and 100% online - right here at Catch!