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Learn more about Shun kitchen knives.

If you're after some premium quality kitchenware, look no further than our Shun knives online SALE. For over 100 years the Shun brand has been combining Japanese tradition with innovative techniques to formulate the best quality knives you can get your hands on. Take the Shun Premier Chef’s Knife 25cm for example, this razor sharp, hand crafted cooking utensil will have you performing like a MasterChef in the kitchen! Check out the Shun knife collection for yourself today by shopping online at Catch.

Enjoy the savings at our Shun online SALE.

Whether you're a novice home cook or a MasterChef extraordinaire listen up to our top 2 Shun knives that are must-haves in any kitchen. First on our list is the Shun Damascus Granton Edge Santoku, this cooking utensil is light and made with 32 layered Damascus steel, so you can dice to perfection! Next up is the Shun Classic Wide Santoku Knife (18cm), the VG-Max 'super' steel blade coupled with a D-shaped ebony Pakkawood handle means easy down-and-forward cutting motion and ensures top level performance. Whatever your style in the kitchen, Shun knives will have you slice like a pro!