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The best selling vodka brand in the world - that’s Smirnoff. And there’s a reason why Smirnoff is the king of kings when it comes to vodka. Some may be thinking, “vodka is vodka, right?” but that’s simply not the case! We know this isn’t supposed to be a history class, but Smirnoff was founded all the way back in 1864 in Moscow. Even in the 1800’s, Smirnoff vodka was super innovative - from pioneering charcoal filtration to becoming the first to utilise newspaper ads! Fast forward to today and Smirnoff have an incredible range of extremely popular vodkas including Smirnoff Ice, Double Black, Pure, flavour-infused vodkas + so many more. No matter what your taste buds are a fan of, it seems as though Smirnoff have all bases covered. If you’re on the hunt for some Smirnoff vodka for an upcoming party, a present, or just want some for your personal supply, why not grab some at Catch? With heavily discounted prices on best sellers, you can’t go wrong. Plus, we’ll deliver your Smirnoff Vodka straight to your door... money and time saved when shopping at Catch!

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A question that commonly comes up is, what are the differences between the countless number of Smirnoff varieties? We’ll break it down here real quick. Smirnoff Ice isn’t actually vodka, but a premium, flavoured malt beverage that has a light, fruity flavour. It’s crisp, zesty and refreshing! Smirnoff Ice Double Black is a slightly different take on the regular, adding vodka to the citrus malt soda. Then you have Smirnoff Red Label, which is a triple distilled and exceptionally smooth vodka that’s perfect for cocktails or having with soda water and lime! We also have to mention Smirnoff Blue Label, considered the super-premium member of the Smirnoff family. Produced using demineralized and filtered water, this vodka is triple distilled and filtered through activated charcoal to achieve the prerequisite smoothness and purity prior to bottling. So there you have it! Whether you’re a fan of experimenting yourself, or just enjoy the convenience and taste of pre-mixed drinks, Smirnoff is the way to go. Browse the Smirnoff SALE today at Catch and get the party started!