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    Specialising in portable organisers and storage containers, Snapware are all about keeping your bits and bobs tidy and in place. Providing easy access while keeping contents safe and secure, Snapware provide a range of plastic containers that snap into place and are stackable. From cupcake carriers to stationery organisers and more, Snapware storage containers are a must-have in every home. Make your life that much easier with Snapware’s great range of containers and storage boxes and you’ll save big bucks with Catch!

    Snapware containers help you store anything & everything...

    The Snapware Cupcake and Biscuit Carrier Snap and Stack set is perfect for picnics and office parties alike. Airtight to keep your goodies fresh and super lightweight, you can be the life of the party and bring everyone some tasty treats, no matter where the party is! Check out Snapware storage containers today at Catch and you’ll save big bucks on your shopping. Skip the expensive shopping trip this weekend and shop from the comfort of your own couch with Catch!