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Soga online SALE at Catch

Soga is a globally recognised brand offering a variety of Kitchen appliances. Soga pride themselves in making the best quality products. Whether you have moved into your new place or just wanting to update your kitchen appliances, Soga has everything you need right here at Catch!

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Soga pride themselves in making great quality products that are durable and easy to set up. The Soga portable burner camping stove grill plate is a Catch favourite. This little beauty is perfect for camping or to have out on the alfresco. It is easy to clean and durable - perfect for camping outdoors.

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The all new Soga range is a must-have in the kitchen and office alike. The Soga Juicer is another Catch favourite - It will have you making healthy, fresh juices in seconds - no slicing, no dicing, no peeling - just use the whole fruit! This juicer is ideal for fruit juices, frozen treats, sauces, dressing and salsa. Grab your Soga kitchen appliances on SALE at Catch today!

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Shop the latest range from Soga right here at Australia’s favourite online superstore. Check the Soga range and more 100% online and delivered to your door- welcome ot Catch.