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Sting | The world’s best training gloves

Sting Gloves have some of the best fight gear in the world! Proudly Australian owned and operated, Sting have a great selection of punching gloves and MMA gear. With a wide range of kickboxing Muay Thai shorts all the way to their 100% cotton Reflect Hoodie. Sting have a huge selection of fighting gear and training gloves that have an Easy Wash Aniline leather with reinforced palm. The EVO7 Training Gloves also have a gel rubber palm that assists with grip strength and helps reduce hand fatigue. Shop with us today and save BIG! Welcome to Catch.

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Sting training gloves are perfect for training, especially if MMA is something you take seriously with your health. Strike with confidence and power when you use the Sting Arma XT Pro Focus Training Pads. These pads come in a combo with 1 x boxing mitts (pair) along side the expected 1 x Mitt bag (pair). They include a dual core mould for maximum comfort and protection. This fight gear also has a high-density cup which promotes better hand position and helps reduce pain and joint discomfort. Grab your Australian MMA gear with us now!