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The Tech 21 Evo Mesh case is now on SALE!

Protecting your smartphone has become such a big deal in our everyday lives. With the cost of mobile phones being so high we always do our best to protect them from damage. The Tech 21 Evo Mesh Phone Case provides your iPhone with the ultimate protection it deserves and needs. The iPhone case features Advanced Impact Protection from 2m thanks to Tech 21’s FlexShock™ technology. The case is Super-Lightweight, you won’t even notice it’s on your phone. The Tech 21 iPhone case also has a dotted design for a sleek and minimalistic look with enhanced corners, raises screen bezel to add to the protection of your iPhone. Grab your Tech 21 iPhone Case from Catch to protect your phone and wallet!

Screamin’ Good Deals on everything Tech 21!

Ensuring the safety of your iPhone is important, making sure it’s in working order for resale when you upgrade or having it last its lifespan. Tech 21 provide the market with amazing phone cases that you can’t look passed. The Tech21 Impact Shield Screen Protector has a self heal screen that contains an advanced multi-layer system. The hard top layer spreads the impact over a wider surface area whilst a second layer, Bulletshield featuring BASF polymer found in bullet proof glass, absorbs and dissipates impact. Grab your next Tech 21 case from Catch and save with our Screamin’ Good Deals!