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Update your home appliances with a variety of products from Todo. Whip up some cakes with the hand mixer or the retro stand mixer, or combine all those yummy fruits into a smoothie with the range of blenders, or dry your hair with the ceramic hair dryer! Grab all your Todo appliances on SALE at catch today!

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If you’re looking to update your home appliances then Todo has the complete range for you. The Todo electric hand mixer beater is a catch favourite. Beat your mix to perfection with this gem. So powerful, yet so compact for easy storage. Grab your Todo appliances on SALE at Catch today!

Check out the Todo range and more

Here at Catch you’ll find a variety of appliances. Shop the Todo 2L food and drink blender. This blender will help you prepare meals, soups, drinks, sauces and soups in seconds. This bender caters to all personal preferences with adjustable speed and settings that satisfy each recipe’s demands.

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Update not only your kitchen appliances but your household appliances too and shop this no.1 brand right here at Australia’s favourite online superstore. Check the Todo range and more, 100% online and delivered to your door- welcome to Catch!