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From kitchen novices to master chefs - Tojiro knives

Preparing food can be a labour intensive task. That's why cooks of all levels need a sharp knife to make their work easier. A sharp knife works better and causes less damage to the food. Herbs and delicate ingredients benefit most from this but you can also get a lot of benefits with bigger items too. The Tojiro DP 21cm 3-Layer Series Western Deba Knife is one such tool crafted for kitchen prep. Slice, dice and chop with a Western-style stainless steel blade. Ideal for cutting fish or meat. So whether you’re new to the kitchen or you’re a seasoned master chef, Tojiro has a knife for you. Explore our range of knives and get yourself a great deal today at Austrlians online superstore - Catch!

Keeping your knives sharp with Tojiro!

Chopping vegetables or meats with a dull knife makes it more difficult than it has to be and can make it more dangerous too! Dull knives have the tendency to slip and that's when accidents can happen. That’s why it’s so important for any kitchen to have a sharp and high-quality knife. No matter what type of steel, eventually edges will be worn away. Whetstones are a common way for knife owners to keep their steel sharp. It is recommended that you sharpen your knife once or twice a month. Stop overpaying for Tojiro knives and shop with us at Catch! With shipping Australia wide order from the comfort of your home and have your goodies delivered right to your door.

True Japanese quality - More than sharpness

Tojiro has a rich history of creating knives. From humble beginnings in 1955, they have grown from a single fruit knife to an array of knives made in various styles, including Western, Japanese and Chinese. While there is often debate on which style of knife is best for the job, the craftsmen at Tojiro are solely focused on their customers feeling “joy” when using any knife they’ve crafted. Get into the kitchen and really enjoy cooking with a Tojiro knife. At Catch, we’re proud to stock Tojiro products at prices that won't break the bank.