Tommy Swiss

Tommy Swiss Bed Frames and mattresses - Get yours at Catch

On the hunt for a new mattress? Or maybe it’s a whole new bed you’re after. Either way, you can lean on (or should we say “lie on”) Tommy Swiss! Right now at Catch, we’re offering incredible deals on Tommy Swiss bed frames, mattresses and more top-notch sleeping goods. And no, you’re not dreaming! Our prices are really this low. There’s something for almost every bedroom under the sun - from King to Queen, Double and Single beds, bed heads and mattresses. You could go and get yourself a bed and mattress of average quality, but you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favours! Especially when you think about the proportion of our lives we spend sleeping. Sleep is absolutely vital for good health, so it’s super important to invest in a quality bed. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune! Tommy Swiss is available at heavily discounted prices, which means you can enjoy a good night's sleep, every single night. The best part is, we’ll deliver your bedroom goods straight to your door. Shopping really is that easy with Catch - Australia’s biggest online superstore!

Tommy Swiss for pure bliss! Shop the bed sale today

So how did Tommy Swiss come to be? Well, after noticing that furniture prices were way too expensive, “Mr. Swiss”, a disgruntled investment banker set out to create high quality furniture accessible to everyday Australians. What was once a start-up business grew to the point where a large scale factory was set up to meet the demand of Aussies wanting their very own Tommy Swiss bed. But how can beds of such high quality be so affordable? Don’t worry, there’s no fishy business. Tommy Swiss simply cut out the middlemen - by going straight from the factory to the customers, it means they can sell the same materials in their furniture and sell them for significantly less! On top of that, we’ve slashed prices even further on our Tommy Swiss range. You can’t say no to that! Check out the Henrik Collection, Arthur Collection and Gabrielle Collection at Catch today and save BIG on TS bedding.