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Your Pet’s Dental Hygiene Matters Too!

If you take pristine care of your dental hygiene, your pets should also deserve the same treatment. Since you’re already here, let us introduce you to the world of TropiClean! TropiClean is known for its commitment in providing the best grooming products for your furry friends. Because our animals can’t verbally communicate with us, it’s important for us to take preventative measures when it comes to their dental health. It’s also essential for pet owners to regularly check their teeth and gums to detect any unwanted issues. Do your pets have terrible breaths? TropiClean has your back. The brand offers a number of solutions to keep your pets’ dental hygiene in check.

Check Out TropiClean Fresh Breath

TropiClean Fresh Breath is the all-rounder dental care solution for your pets. The Fresh Breath line includes a number of brushing and no brushing solutions made with the best ingredients for a clean and healthy mouth. Some of the products in the line include oral care gels, breath drops and water additives. Their oral gels come in a bunch of fun flavours that your pets will love. From Peanut Butter to Vanilla Mint, you’re bound to find something that’ll leave your pets’ tails wagging. TropiClean oral gels help defend against plaque and tartar, resulting in fresh breath for friendlier smooches. TropiClean Fresh Breath Water Additives are designed to improve pets’ breaths in the simplest way possible. How, you ask? Just add a couple drops of the additive into your pet’s water bowl and you’re all set. We weren’t kidding when we said TropiClean is serious about your pets’ dental hygiene. Discover the TropiClean Fresh Breath line today!

TropiClean Grooming Products

Aside from producing top quality and effective dental care products for your pets, TropiClean also offers general grooming products. From pet shampoos, ear cleaners, and tear stain removers, TropiClean has thought it through! They even offer colognes for your pups and felines in refreshing scents. These colognes also act as a natural UV protector that protects your pet in the sun. Owning pets also means constantly cleaning your furniture and floors. That’s why TropiClean came up with a product that’s designed to clean these spaces with ease. What are you waiting for? Shop TropiClean products at Catch today! You’ll be happy you did.