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Vicks Vapodrops Cooling Peppermint 24
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Vicks Vapodrops are finally on SALE!

The infamous Vicks VapoDrops Blue Cooling Peppermint Lozenges are finally on sale at Catch! They soothe the throat and clear your nose when you really need it. Once you take one you can instantly feel the tickle at the back of your throat be removed and your nose will open up to an entire new world of smell. Vicks Vapodrops help cool down your throat and clear your nasal passages, Vicks aim to make you feel better in no time! With that calming Blue Cooling Peppermint flavour, you’re going to love keeps these in your purse, car or just in the cardboard at home. Grab this Screamin’ Good Deal today!

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There’s nothing worse than trying to get to sleep when you’ve got a blocked nose and a sore throat. The Vicks Mini CoolMist Humidifier lets you “see the mist and feel the relief” - giving you better breathing and a more comfortable sleep throughout the entire night. Improve your breathing throughout winter and let Vicks emit it’s cool mist into your hair to improve your breathing and sleeping conditions. Did you know that in winter, relative humidity can drop to as low as 10%? That's drier than the air in the Sahara Desert - Shop & save ever single day at!