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Stop crying over spilled milk & save on Viva!

Viva have so many uses for around the house you’ll end up grabbing more of the paper towels weekly just to re-stock. Designed to clean up anything you can think of, Viva Paper Towels truly get the job done when you need it too. Created from Ultra-absorbent, tough wave texture that will glide through any and every mess you put in its way, Viva takes the chore out of cleaning. Being known as one of the most effective paper towels on the market, Viva are made from environmentally friendly materials. They are also only sourced from managed forests and plantations which protect endangered wildlife and other environmental values. Stop crying over spilled milk and pay less with Catch when you use Viva!

Viva Paper Towels are here for less!

Viva Paper Towels make spring cleaning easy and less of a chore. Ideal for cleaning greasy BBQs, soiled footwear, bathroom surfaces, stove stops & benches, you can clean anything and everything using Viva. Containing 240 impeccable sheets that promise to absorb all different sorts of liquids you place in its way. Simply spray your favourite cleaning product and use a Viva Paper Towel to rid it’s existence, watch it take away fingerprints, muddy paw prints and grimy shower screens before your very eyes. Grab yourself a screamin’ good deal & shop with us at