Z-Flex: iconic skateboards straight outta Dogtown

In 1975, the legendary Californian skate team Zephyr set off towards world domination, ushering in a new era for skateboarding. Influenced by the surf and driven by the rebellious spirit of Santa Monica youth, the Zephyr ethos rang loudly in a time when individuality and freedom to cruise the streets were a way of life. Z-Flex has come a long way since the early days of sneaking into neighbors’ backyards to tear up empty pools and skitching cars to the beach. Today, Z-Flex boasts the most cutting-edge cruisers, downhill skateboards and more, backed by a lifetime of expertise in what makes the ride really worthwhile.

Old school fury meets cutting-edge craftsmanship

Z-Flex prides itself in crafting nothing but the world’s best boards. The brand drives its evolution with rigorous product testing, especially with its urethane wheel designs that provide the smoothest ride on the planet. Z-Flex revolutionized the concave skateboard shape, which today can be seen on practically every single board worth its salt. Every skateboard on the market today has been influenced in one way or another by the trailblazers at Z-Flex. If you’re looking for a board that’s not just incredibly satisfying to ride, but is crafted by industry veterans from the most iconic skating neighborhood in the world, you’ll be stoked with a Z-Flex.

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