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Zinus Australia are motivated by harmony, believing everybody deserves a peaceful night’s rest in the comfort of their own bed. To ensure a sustainable planet, Zinus also adopt an ethically responsible mindset by reducing the release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere when manufacturing their product. By using organic ingredients such as tea and olive oil, you can be assured Zinus keeps the welfare of our environment top of mind. Don’t settle for second best when shopping around for your next bedframe or mattress, choose Zinus and never look back!

You never have to compromise style for comfort with a Zinus mattress!

Shopping for the ideal bed can be a drawn out and arduous task at best. Lucky for you, we comprise an illustrious range of Zinus Australia mattresses that won’t hurt the hip pocket and will have you sleeping like a baby! Crafted with the comfy magic of multi layered memory foam, Zinus mattresses provide an unrivalled cloud-like feel and delicate softness – there’s nothing else quite like it! If you’re struggling to get a proper night’s rest, don’t let your sleeping woes become a real problem by checking out our comfy collection of Zinus mattresses!

Let's check out some of our favourite Zinus bed models you can get your hands on!

Add that touch of sophistication to your bedroom design with the clean range of Zinus bed frames we have on offer. From premium metal to fabric bases, Zinus are the masters of varied styles with bed frame options to suit just about any bedroom! Take our Zinus platform metal bed bases for example, these neatly compact bed frames offer sturdy support and an industrial feel to your bedroom space. If it’s time to get rid of that decrepit bed that you’ve held onto for a couple of years too many, Zinus bedframes will refresh your bedroom into a stylised inner sanctum!