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Now’s your chance to get your hands on a bluetooth speaker! Whether you’re looking to grab a bluetooth speaker with afterpay, or get it right away, Catch is the place to shop. Gone are the days where you need to have your phone plugged into the speaker to play your favourite tracks. Simple connect using the bluetooth function, and you’re good to let those vocal cords to their thing. Perfect for parties, or just chilling by yourself - these are the real deal for any occasion. Our extensive range of portable speakers are packed to the brim with awesome new features. Check out the HolySmoke iDisco Mini Speaker for example, the in-built disco ball projects colours on a 360-degree radius so you can kickstart the party vibes with a bang! Make sure to also shop the Sony Extra Bass Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that comes with a 12-hour battery life and extra base for punchy beats, so you can blast your favourite tunes all night long! Whatever genre of music you're into, the best new portable speakers are available online now at Catch!

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Let us fill you in on some our hot selling Bluetooth speakers. First up is the ever-popular Apple Home Pod which comes with total voice control, full Wi-Fi integration, an infinite library of playable music and a high-excursion woofer making it one of the best performing portable speakers we have in stock! Next is the competing Google Home Max which is also stacked with trendy capabilities. Boasting automatically adjusting equalisers to suit the room's acoustics, so only the best audio quality is produced. So what are you waiting for? Find a bluetooth speaker here at Catch and save BIG bucks. Find out more by shopping online at our Bluetooth speaker SALE.