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Some people may overlook the brilliance that is a smart watch. Sure you can tell the time using your phone but what if we tell you, a smart watch can do almost anything your phone does? You can read and reply text messages, answer phone calls, scroll through media galleries and so much more! We have heaps of smart watches on offer right here at Australia’s favourite superstore. Not only that, we have unbeatable deals on brands such as Apple, Garmin, Samsung and more. Intrigued? Then we’re doing our job right! Have a look at our range online today!

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Did you know some smart watches track your physical levels such as heart rate, steps and more? Garmin smartwatches are great for those who live an active lifestyle. Their head-turning designs feature a heart rate monitor, thermometer, blood oxygen saturation monitor and many more! Plus, there’s Bluetooth and wifi connectivity too! For those who love to stay active, perhaps Garmin smartwatches are exactly what you’re after. If you can’t stray away from Apple, we have a great selection of Apple Watches at unbeatable prices. With an Apple Watch, you can sync your iPhone and receive text messages and answer phone calls. You no longer have to reach for your iPhone to give someone a call. Not only that, Apple Watches also let you store and stream music and podcasts too. It also features international emergency calling and fall detection too. All this at an unbeatable price. What more could you ask for? Check out our range of smartwatches on sale online!