Advwin 48" Foldable Mini Trampoline Rebounder Handrail Fitness Trainer Exercise Home Max Load 200KG

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Advwin 48" Foldable Mini Trampoline Rebounder Handrail Fitness Trainer Exercise Home Max Load 200KG

Product descriptions:

Advwin trampoline workouts are ideal for adults and children alike. Fitness trampolines not only are lightweight, safe, and quiet sports equipment but also provide a way more fun to exercise. This trampoline is strong and professional; it's designed for everyone, max weight capacity is up to 200KG designed to fit small spaces in the gym or at home, and its convenient size lets you carry it from one spot to another without any hassle.

Ideal for Losing Weight as you Jump your Carbs Away

Daily 10 minutes of jumping would efficiently burn calories, strengthen blood circulation, equals 1-hour jogging, 30 minutes cycling, or 20 minutes swimming.

Workout with Fun for Everyone

It simultaneously defines your muscles as it elevates your heart rate. It has a compact design that allows it to fit into small spaces, can be used at the gym or even at home.


  • Best Gift for Toddler/Kids: This mini trampoline is sturdy and very bouncy, a perfect gift for the young dinosaur fan or an active kid for a trampolining exercise. It will be a ton of fun for your kids on recreational trampolines, jumping for joy!
  • Safety Is the Priority: That’s why Advwin trampoline is constructed with a stronger steel frame, enhanced base legs and handles, and connected by durable springs that withstand long time tear and wear so that your kids have years of jumping pleasure to come, also this mini trampoline can support up to 200kg.
  • Safer, Quieter, but Strong Bounce Back: Covered by anti-slid rubber material, the steel tube not only makes the trampoline safe but also makes the jumping quiet, Gives you the exercise you want from the comfort of your own home, so no need to trek to the gym!
  • Makes Exercise Fun: Encourages a healthy lifestyle by providing a fun way for you and your kids to work muscles, boost heart rate, and improve flexibility.
  • Foldable & Space Saving: If you don’t use the trampoline or need to carry it outside, just a few steps to fold it up and put it in the corner or car trunk.

Material: steel pipe, PP
Size: 48 inches
Color: Blue
Shape: Circle
Diameter: 122 cm
Height from the ground: 27cm
Height: 88-104cm
Number of feet: 6
Whether it is foldable: Yes
Applicable to: Adults/children
Maximum load: 200kg

Package Included:
1*Instruction Manual
1*Thick nylon white line gloves

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