BLACK LORD Treadmill Electric Walking Pad Home Office Gym Fitness Pink w/ Smart Watch

Black Lord
BLACK LORD Treadmill Electric Walking Pad Home Office Gym Fitness Pink w/ Smart Watch

BLACK LORD Treadmill Electric Walking Pad Home Office Gym Fitness

BLACK LORD Treadmill - Walking Pad SL9-2

Walking offers numerous benefits for your health. However, rough weather may break your routine. The end of good weather doesn't have to mean the end of exercise. With our BLACK LORD walking pad SL9-2 in your home gym, you can keep working towards your fitness goals.

With the upgraded and wear-resistant 6-layer running belt with diamond texture, this walking pad provides excellent shock absorption. This Walking Pad SL9-2 is the ideal piece of in-home exercise equipment to get you moving and burning calories on a daily basis. With the unique built in Bluetooth technology, it allows wireless access to the FitShow App on your phone to sync and track your workout stats. Similarly, equipped with a large LED display, you can stay in clear and precise control. It allows you to use metrics like speed, mileage, pulse, calories burned, and more to achieve goals and push your limit. Additionally, it features a powerful and energy-efficient 2.2HP OkoDriveTM M3 motor with digital quick speed control of 1-9KM/H. APP control can let you to enjoy the journey at your desired speed.

Getting to the next level, our walking pad also comes with a smart watch to provide sensor data like heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. Whether you work in office with a standing desk, or want to keep moving while watching TV at home, our walking pad allows you to meet your daily step goals while working or entertaining.

Stay healthy and in shape despite being indoors. Wait no more! This BLACK LORD Walking Pad SL9-2 will definitely revolutionize your home or garage gym experience.


* Bonus fitness smart watch

* Diamond texture anti-slip and wear-resistant running belt

* Shock absorption

* 2.2HP powerful and energy-efficient OkoDriveTM motor

* Sturdy powder-coated steel frame

* Digital LED display - speed, distance, time, and calories

* Bluetooth APP control function

* Built-in Bluetooth speaker

* Smooth wheels for mobility


* Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz

* Motor power: 2.2HP

* Speed range: 1-9KM/H

* Weight capacity: 120kg

* Product size: 119cm x 48.5cm x 12cm

* Running belt size: 38cm x 102cm

* Dimension: refer to dimension photo for detailed sizes

* Colour: Pink

* Assembly required: Yes

Package Contents

* 1 x BLACK LORD Walking Pad

* 1 x Fitness smart watch

* 1 x Manual

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