Nintendo Switch Mario Party Game

5 Star Rating
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Nintendo Switch Mario Party Game

Here we go! Grab your 1998 64' gang or millennial newbies and experience a party like no other. With 80 brand new mini-games to play, the latest edition of the Super Mario Party series goes back to the four-player basics as you take it in turns to scour the board for stars until all those turns are up! However, in typical Nintendo fashion this latest installment doesn't come without a few new additions. Introducing Toad's Rec Room, an all-new playing mode that pairs up two Nintendo Switch systems for a table top mode, along with deeper strategic elements and specific dice blocks for heaps of new playable characters!

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  • Title: Super Mario Party
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Model: 98658
  • Rating: G
  • Genre: Party
  • Published by: Nintendo
  • Release date: 5/10/18
  • Toad’s Rec Room - A dynamic new play style that pairs up two Nintendo Switch systems for table top mode
  • Go head-to-head in 80 new mini-games with many ways to play
  • Region: PAL
  • No. of players: 4
  • Country of origin: Japan

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