EVA Boat Teak Decking Flooring Mat - Teak Brown

EVA Boat Teak Decking Flooring Mat - Teak Brown

Product information:
- Material: EVA foam
- Color: Teak brown with black bevel groove
- Length: 2400mm/94.5''
- Width: 900mm/35.4''
- Thickness:6mm/0.24''
- Strong self-adhesive glue at the back.

Contents in Box:
- 1 x Teak Brown Boat Decking Sheet

More information about product:
- High quality EVA foam with backing adhesive,very easy to install.Easy DIY cutting,everyone is a master.
- UV protection, not easy to aging, not easy to fade, almost no maintenance.
- Low heat transfer, making the deck temperature unaffected by harsh environments, making you more comfortable.
- The material does not absorb water and effectively keeps the deck dry.
- Patented beveled design, CNC-like cutting, easy to clean than normal straight edges.

Installation requirements:
- Make sure that the area of the deck is clear,not dirty,no oil,no wax, and no wet before using the product.
- After the installation is completed, the edges should be sealed with silicone rubber sealant to prevent water and debris from getting underneath.This will make the product last longer.

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