2 x VGood HazeNOT Choc Spread 310g

Remember the days when hazelnut spread jars were full of milk derivatives, all sort of nuts and other nasties? Now you can enjoy a delicious jar of milk-free and peanut-free hazelnut spread alternative that is safe for those with allergies. VGood HazelNOT Spread recipe is made with 45% chickpeas combined with the highest quality cacao from Holland. It contains over 60% less sugar than alternative hazelnut-chocolate spreads, without any added sweeteners. Perfect for lunch boxes, spread it on bread, smother it on fruit or use for delicious nut-free baking, this deliciously chocolatey spread will keep kids energised all day long.


  • VGood HazeNOT Choc Spread
  • Pack contents: 2 x 310g
  • Made from roasted chickpeas
  • 60% less sugar than alternative hazelnut-chocolate spreads
  • 45% chickpeas combined with delicious cacao
  • No added sweeteners
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Source of protein, fibre and iron
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Free from the 14 most common food allergens
  • Best Before: 18/08/2022