3CE Mood Recipe Lip Color #909 Smoked Roses 3.5g Matte Lipstick 3 Concept Eyes


What it is

A matte type lipstick with creamy application - the primer like consistency will let your lips maintain a distinct colour all day

#909 ROSES - A deep red and chocolatey brown blend that can be matched by none other! This bold lip colour might seem intimidating at first but you'll find that it has an alluring glamour you just can't resist. Dab this colour a few times on top of normal red lipstick to create a subtle chocolate-red ombre lip look


  • Primer matte texture - allows the lipstick to glide on without any tugging while creating clear, defined lips
  • Pigment Infusion System - a single strong stroke or two is all you need to create rich and sensual colour
  • Creamy Application - Mood recipe lipstick has a creamy application and blends effortlessly to create naturally gradient lips suitable for any makeup look