Air 3D Shiatsu Squeeze Kneading Massage Seat Cushion Indoor Seat Massager

Massage your entire body such as your neck, back, waist, hip and thighs regularly with our shiatsu massager at your own home, in the office or in the car to keep your body hydrated, strengthen your immune system and enjoy a healthier life. Our shiatsu massage cushion boasts of innovative 3D swaying, shiatsu, squeezing and kneading massaging features, perfect for relieving the stiffness and pain in your muscles and improving the blood circulation inside your body. The heating function and seat vibration with three intensity levels will help enhance the whole body massage experience and relax your mind and relieve stress and anxiety after a long hard working day.

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  • Air Compression Massage: It is equipped with 4 airbags on the waist,1 on the hips. 3 pressure strengths for you to select. Dynamic squeeze massage, more comfortable.
  • 3D Swaying & Neck Massage Head: Patent design of innovative 3D swaying with kneading massage for back and adjustable height for neck massage.
  • New Design Squeezing & Kneading Massage: Back Shiatsu and Hydraulic massage, three trips to choose from, from the middle to the both sides, travelling up and down.
  • Target Massage & Width Adjustment: When you are using shiatsu massage mode, there is a target massage for you to stop and focus traveling massage modes at desired position. During rolling massage, it can adjust the width of the massage head.
  • Heating & Hip Vibration Function: With heating function, it can help increase and improve your blood circulation to help you be more comfortable and healthier. There are three hip vibration amplitudes to choose from, which help stimulate buttock muscles
  • 15 Minutes Auto Shut-Off


Homasa Massage Cushion

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