Andis ProClip AGC 2 Speed Clipper

Andis ProClip AGC 2 Speed Clipper

It s important to keep your pet well-groomed and clean, and the Andis ProClip AGC 2 Speed Clipper can help you achieve that. This professional grooming tool is designed to run cool so you don t need vents or fans to maintain the temperature. It is also is very quiet during operation, which ensures a pet isn t unduly stressed during the grooming process. The key features of the Andis ProClip AGC 2 Speed Clipper include:

  • This clipper has a two-speed operation mode. The Normal Speed mode is sufficient for most of your cutting applications. The High-Speed mode is suitable for thick and heavy hair.
  • Suitable for all kinds of breeds and coats so you can use this for all your pet grooming requirements.
  • The clipper comes with a detachable blade that s easy to replace and clean.
  • A 14-inch cord makes it easier for you to move around a pet and reach areas that are difficult to groom.
  • All clippers have a shatterproof housing so there s no need to worry about cracks or breaks if you accidentally drop the item.
  • It has a locking switch to ensure the clipper doesn t accidentally shut off during use.

The Andis ProClip AGC 2-Speed clipper is compatible with different kinds of blades from the same company so replacing them shouldn t be a problem. It s recommended to oil the blade before and after each use to ensure it performs effectively without problems. If the blade slows down or leaves streaks behind, you need to replace the oil.

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