Australian NaturalCare - Super C 1000

The first thing that probably comes into your mind when you think about vitamin C is its long-held reputation as a treatment option for colds. While it is true that vitamin C helps reduce the severity of colds and upper mild respiratory tract infections and help decrease their duration, it also many other health benefits.

Australian NaturalCare's Super C 1000 contains 1000mg of vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate that is gentle on the stomach, as well as citrus bioflavonoids to enhance vitamin C's activity in the body.

Super C 1000:

  • Helps reduce the severity and duration of colds, flu and mild upper respiratory tract infections
  • Maintains healthy immune system function
  • Decreases symptoms of hayfever
  • Supports wound healing and the formation of collagen
  • Supports blood capillary health

Vitamin C for more than immune support

Due to its role in the formation of collagen and connective tissue, vitamin C is important for the structural integrity of the skin, bones, muscles, organ and blood vessels. It also helps to maintain healthy capillaries. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect cells from the effects of free radical damage.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that's excreted in the urine every day, rather than stored in the body for future use. As a result, it needs to be replenished on a daily basis. Dietary sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, red and green capsicum and a wide range of other fruits and veggies. If you decide to take a supplement to top up the vitamin C you get from your diet, try our Super C 1000 that contains added bioflavonoids which help enhance the activity of vitamin C in the body.

Ingredients Each film coated tablet contains: Calcium ascorbate 1g (1000mg), equiv. to ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 826mg, Citrus bioflavonoids extract 100mg, Rutoside (rutin) 50mg, Hesperidin 50mg. Product Information Sheet For more infomation, please read the Product Info Sheet here.

Australian NaturalCare - Super C 1000


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 3 business days
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